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Laminate - Veneer

Laminate - Veneer

Laminate - Veneer

Dental laminate veneers are thin tooth colored porcelain shells that adhere to the tooth face. This method aims a minimal invasive treatment of tooth discolorations, abrasions, broken teeth, crowded teeth and gaps because of smaller than average teeth. It doesn’t only treat functional losses but also eliminates cosmetic concerns. The material used is the most tooth-like one, biocompatible and aesthetic material.
The laminate veneer, also called shell porcelain, is made by simply rasping the front surface of the tooth instead of cutting it all around. In this way, the porcelain laminate is only adhered to the front surface of the tooth. You can think of it as an artificial nail process. This type of treatment can be said to be a protective prosthesis application because it causes the least loss of material in the tooth. Since metal is not used in its substructure, it gives a much more natural and aesthetic appearance to the teeth of the patent. 
With laminate veneer treatment, which is a conservative approach, it is possible to change the color, shape and size of the tooth.
In which situations can laminate veneer treatment be preferred?
In cases where the tooth color changes, after root canal treatment, staining due to diabetes, discoloration caused by tetracycline etc., you can permanently change the color change in the teeth with the laminate coating treatment options. Laminate coating treatment may also be preferred in the closure of the interdental gaps in congenital or subsequent dental defects.
Laminate veneer treatment takes at least 3 sessions. Treatment is completed in 7 days.
1.session : A control model is taken with pre-examination and then an evaluation is made with the patient.
2.session : Only the front surface of the tooth is cut. Teeth are measured.
3.session : It is rehearsed, if there is no problem or process that needs to be corrected, the treatment is completed by adhering.
The firs session is very important. All conditions and treatment options related to oral and dental structure are determined by the dentist, taking the patient’s wishes into the foreground. The patient’s teeth and face photographs are taken. A working model is prepared in accordance with the patient’s lifestyle, wishes and needs. This model is shared with the patient. Then the treatment is completed with the steps in the 2nd and 3rd session. Laminate veneer treatment has many advantages. We can list it as follows;
Since laminate veneer is applied with minimal abrasion onto the tooth surface, it is the most protective aesthetic application.
In patients whose tooth structure and age is suitable, laminate veneer treatment can also be performed without cutting the teeth. Compatibility of laminate veneer with gum is better than other materials. Since it is a light-permeable material, it creates a more natural appearance. There would be no staining.
It is an application that requires very special knowledge, skills, training and experience.

Frequently asked Questions

Dental laminate veneers also known as leaf porcelain in colloquial language,are thin tooth colored porcelain shells that are adhered to the tooth face. It is the most biocompatible and aesthetic material that is most suitable for the natural structure of the tooth. It can be imagined like an artificial nail.

* To close the gaps between teeth.
* To correct tooth distortions.
* To repair large and small abrasions,fractures or cracks.
* To permanently whiten the tooth colour.
* For smile design.

Your treatment will be completed within one week .During this period, you will be asked to visit the Clinic for 3 sessions. If you have advanced gum problems, gum treatment is recommended first.

Nowadays, zirconia crowns are also very aesthetic and since damage to the tooth is less, laminate veneers should be your first choice.

You should maintain good oral hygiene. For that, you should regularly brush your teeth, use dental floss and have your routine dentist checks.As it is recommended in all dental restorations also in dental laminate veneers you should not do nail biting, biting excessively hard food and breaking nuts with teeth.

Once the laminate veneer is done ,there is no staining one the tooth surface again in addition, there is no colour change due to the use of coloured beverages such as cigarettes, tea and coffee. Laminate veneer surface has high resistance. Does not turn into yellow.

No, it will not. It is sufficient to reduce your teeth 0.3 - 1 mm. from the front surface only.

There are many parameters related to the lifetime of the laminate veneer.

* Correct tooth cut. ( Worked within the enamel layer, that is the adhesion of the laminate veneer to the surface of the less cut tooth is stronger)

*The correct adhesion protocol should be applied by the dentist. Otherwise, lamina falls, which are a reason for general fear and complaints are experienced.

*Correct bite and dental guidance should be provided. If this is not achieved, porcelain throws called chipping are experienced. You should take care of oral and dental care in laminated teeth, brush regularly and use dental floss. When all these parameters are provided, %96 success is achieved in 15 years.

While treating functional losses, it also eliminates aesthetic concerns and does this with minimal damage to your teeth.

Laminate veneer tooth is an aesthetic application. It is a treatment method that requires very special knowledge, skills, education and experience.The dentist who will perform this procedure should be strong in terms of technical equipment and artistic aspects. An application made in this way gives very good results

In first examination, before the teeth are prepared, the impression is taken from the mouth. With this impression , a model called mock-up is applied in the laboratory. On this model, you can see how the tooth will look like after the treatment.

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