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Periodontology is a branch of science that examines the structure, diseases and treatments of surrounding tissues that surrounds the tooth (gum, bone, periodontal ligament). The purpose of the treatment of gingival diseases is to eliminate the pockets formed between the teeth and the gums and to reduce the damage that may occur in the bone. For this, first of all, the tartar  is cleaned and then advanced surgical procedures are performed according to the degree of the disease progression. In periodontology, the main topics that we should pay attention to in terms of dental and gum health and also other topics that should be discussed are;
How can we ensure our daily oral hygiene?
Bacterial plaque accumulating on teeth is the most important factor in the formation of tooth decay and loss. We can not prevent plaque formation but we can remove this layer by brushing our teeth. Brushing at least 2 times for 2 minutes in total, just before going to bed at night and after breakfast in the morning, is a necessity to remove this layer.
How often should I brush my teeth?
Brushing at least twice a day (after breakfast and before going to bed at night) is the best protection method for teeth and gum health. You can choose a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your tooth structure. It is generally not recommended to brush your teeth right after food and drinks containing acid. Because the acid will soften the surface immediately after brushing tooth will erode the surface of the tooth. Therefore, it will be more useful to brush your teeth after 30 minutes of consumption of such foods. However, teeth should be brushed right after the food and drinks containing sugar. Thanks to the minerals in the saliva content, it helps the tooth to repair itself. For this reason, brushing before going to bed at night is of great importance to increase saliva secretion during sleep and hence its effect.
Is it important to clean interdental ?
Brushing with a toothbrush ensures only to clean 3 surfaces of the teeth. However, the incisor teeth have 4 surfaces (molars 5 surfaces) and each of them needs to be cleaned effectively. The interdental areas of the teeth that are in contact with each other are very suitable for the accumulation of food residues and the formation of caries. It is necessary to use dental floss or an interdental brush to clean these areas. 
Does dental floss give any damage to my teeth?
While dental floss is very useful when used correctly, it can damage your gums if it is used incorrectly. As a result of improper use, pressure will be applied to the gums continuously, so gum sensitivity will be experienced. Even if it is healthy, it may result in gum recession. 

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