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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

It is the treatment performed to eliminate the infection in cases where the nerve and vascular structure of the tooth is infected.
In the early stages of infection, pain is not always felt. In some cases, changes in the color of the teeth may occur. This discoloration may indicate that the tooth's nerve is dead or infected.
Why is Root Canal Treatment Needed?
In the presence of infection in the pulp, it may spread to other areas through the canal system. In the later stages of infection, an abscess may form. Pain, swelling and increased temperature may occur in abscessed teeth. You may feel pain when you press on it while eating. If root canal treatment is not performed on teeth with infection in the pulp, the infection may progress and lead to tooth extraction.
Is root canal treatment a painful procedure?
Root canal treatment is a painless procedure performed by numbing the tooth and the area using local anesthesia.
How long does the tooth with root canal treatment last?
If the tooth is cleaned up to the root tip and filled with the correct technique and tissue-friendly material, the duration of the tooth remaining in the mouth will be the same as other teeth.
So, how is root canal treatment performed?
Generally, if there is no lesion in the first session, the carious tissue is removed. The canal is opened and the infected pulp is cleaned. The channel is shaped and filled. In the presence of an abscess or lesion, the canal is opened and closed with a temporary filling. The treatment is completed in the second session.
Does Infection Occur Again in the Root Canal Treatment Teeth?
Generally, re-infection does not occur after successful treatment. However, in case of re-infection, root canal treatment can be repeated. This process is called retreatment.
What Happens If I Don't Get Treatment?
If you do not want to undergo treatment, you will have no choice but to have your tooth extracted. But no doctor wants to extract a tooth that can be saved with root canal treatment. It is the first choice of physicians to save the tooth and ensure that it continues to function. Your first choice should be to protect your teeth.

Frequently asked Questions

Root canal treatment generally involves removing the nerves of the tooth. It is the process of cleaning the nerve tissue in the middle of the tooth, which ensures the vitality of the tooth, and filling the canals.

It should be done to eliminate pain in toothaches.

Yes, the tooth dies, that is, it loses its vitality. But it does not lose its function in the mouth and maintains its existence.

If a good restoration is made after a successful root canal treatment, it is no different from other teeth. Therefore, you can use it for a long time.

No, root canal treatment is not a painful procedure. Because anesthesia is applied beforehand.

If there is no infection or inflammation in the tooth, it is completed in one session, but if there is inflammation, it is usually completed in two sessions.

The entire process takes approximately 1 hour.

If the materials used during root canal treatment are not sufficiently cleaned from the inside of the tooth, tooth color may change over time. For this reason, we recommend that you have your root canal treatment done by a specialist physician.

Since the nerves of the tooth are cleaned during the root canal treatment, wounds form at the root ends, so there may be a slight pain after the root canal treatment.

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