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Smile Design

Smile Design

Smile Design

For smile design, we can say that it is a concept developed for the customization of the relationship between the positions of the teeth in the mouth and their harmony with tissues such as the lips, tongue, and gums. We are definitely doing a preliminary study on our patients for whom we plan to make a smile design. Thus, we can show the probable image at the end of the treatment to our patients and make a planning accordingly. Each tooth has a required position, color and angle.
Our teeth may move away from their natural state due to factors that may occur during the development period or later. The factors causing this situation should be identified, and a treatment plan should be created for the necessary corrections. Or you may prefer to have a completely whiter, more aesthetic, and more beautiful smile. 
The most important point that differentiates the smile design from other treatments is that it is made as a result of the evaluation of all structures and the harmony of the teeth with these structures. In that way, it is possible to achieve the most natural and best appearance.
The following treatments can be applied to smile design;
- Orthodontic treatment
- Bonding (aesthetic filling)
- Porcelain, zirconium, or laminate veneer
- Lip augmentation
Smile design is a complicated treatment. First of all, an experienced and successful dentist should do this. Because it takes a certain amount of time, depending on the character, profession, and age  person, it is a completely personalized design that should be made according to the mimic, laughing, speaking and face shape. The smile design should reflect you.
When you decide to have a smile design, a detailed examination is performed. After taking photos of your face from different angles and a short chat video, a suitable design for your character is made by deciding together with the dentist and the patient.
The biggest advantage of smile design is that the dentist and the patient can meet on a common ground and move together. 

Frequently asked Questions

Smile design is a completely personal application. Anyone who wants to have a new and impressive smile can do it. By planning a smile aesthetics, suitable for the person’s mouth and facial structure,
the person is given a whiter, more beautiful and aesthetic smile. Gum (pink aesthetics) and tooth alignment (White aesthetics) are considered as whole and a design is made in accordance with the character and face of the person.

In this concept, the design is primarily face driven, face photos of the patient taken from various angles, videos and 3D oral data are combined. By a process named Mock-up the resulting design is shown to the patient without any intervation to the teeth and the gum.Smile Design treatment takes at least 3-4 sessions. Treatment is completed in 7 days.

1.session : A control model is taken with pre-examination and then an evaluation is made with the patient.
2.session : Only the front surface of the tooth is cut. Teeth are measured.
3.session : It is rehearsed, if there is no problem or process that needs to be corrected, the treatment is completed by adhering.

The whole process is completed within 7 days, during this process, you must come to the clinic at least 4 times.

The price is determined according to the number of teeth and the material to be used that is planned in the preliminary meeting.

If the structure of your teeth is suitable, a smile design can be applied by slightly abrading only the front surface of your teeth with laminated porcelain.

Yes, you can.

Anyone who wants to have a new and impressive smile can do it.

Yes. In first examination, before the teeth are prepared, the impression is taken from the mouth. With this impression , a model called mock-up is applied in the laboratory. On this model, you can see how the tooth will look like after the treatment.

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